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ROSOR's new Dual survey system to be presented in SEG's Summit on Drone Geophysics

ROSOR's new 'Dual Radiometric & Magnetic Drone System" will be presented in the virtual Summit on Drone Geophysics hosted by SEG

On the second day of a four days event, Wednesday Oct. 26th from 10:25 to 10:45 EST ROSOR's CEO Alex Coutu will give a presentation on ROSOR's new Dual radiometric and Magnetic Drone System.

1- About SEG and the Summit on Drone Geophysics

For a third consecutive year the Summit on drone Geophysics is held.

SEG "Society of Exploration Geophysicists", founded in 1930, held the first two successful Summits on Drone Geophysics that were held in November 2020 and 2021, with the objective that it will build and expand on the themes expressed in the first two workshops by placing emphasis on drone geophysical applications.

banner of SEG's Summit on Drone Geophysics 2022
SEG's Summit on Drone Geophysics 2022
"Registered attendees will learn about the latest developments in the quickly evolving world of drone enabled magnetometry, electromagnetics, ground penetrating radar, gamma ray spectroscopy, and issues associated with acquiring geophysical data with a drone. Further, attendees will learn about application use cases of drone geophysics technology." – SEG website.

"In this year's summit leaders in the development and use of UAS for geophysics will showcase advances in technology and present case histories showcasing a wide range of geophysical survey methods (magnetic, electromagnetic, ground penetrating radar, and seismic). The workshop will provide attendees with an overview of the UAS state-of-the-art for geophysical mapping applications and insights into developments, trends, and issues impacting this rapidly growing field." SEG Website

To Register, visit the registration page at SEG website here.

2- Structures of "Summit on Drone Geophysics"

The summit will be held for four days,25 - 28 Oct., each day is labelled with different theme as the following;

  1. Tuesday 25 October 2022: Day 1 Introduction, Innovation Panel, and Keynotes.

  2. Wednesday 26 October 2022: Day 2 Magnetics, Multisensor, and Exploration This day includes ROSOR's new system presentation

  3. Thursday 27 October 2022: Day 3 UXO, GPR, and EM.

  4. Friday 28 October 2022: Day 4 Geohazards and BVLOS

Each day activities will start on 09:00 Central U.S. Time (10:00 EST) and will conclude in the afternoon.

3- ROSOR's New Dual Radiometric and Magnetic Drone System

ROSOR's CEO, Alex Coutu will present the "Dual Radiometric & Magnetic Drone System" in the second day of the summit, Wednesday Oct. 26th 10:25 - 10:45 EST. It will be 15-minute presentation and 5 minutes Q&A.

The submitted abstract of the presentation

ROSOR's new Dual Radiometric and Magnetic Drone System
ROSOR's new Dual Radiometric and Magnetic Drone System

Rosor Exploration has set out to expand upon drone geophysical surveying capabilities for

industry by integrating new aerial platforms with cutting edge sensor technology to improve

the overall quality of airborne investigations in mineral exploration. We do so by providing

systems that accommodate more usable high resolution data intake per sortie and increase

the allowable footprints of surveys by utilizing drones that can fly further, closer to their

targets of interest, and carry more sensors onboard for any given application.

As part of achieving this goal, we took on a project to acquire both radiometric and magnetic data simultaneously with an aerial system that could support longer than usual flight-times of over 90 minutes to gain more high-resolution insight all at a lower insight all at a lower cost per line km. The investigation of magnetic as well as potassium are pivotal to this investigation, therefore a gamma rays spectrometer and a magnetometer system was needed. We are utilizing a heavy lift multirotor greater than 25 cost per line km. The

investigation of magnetic as well as potassium are pivotal to this investigation, therefore a gamma ray spectrometer and a magnetometer system was needed.

We are utilizing a heavy lift multirotor greater than 25 kilograms with a hybrid engine to accommodate this survey in tandem with two sensors: the Radiation Solutions RS-530 gamma ray spectrometer as well as the Geometrics MagArrow.

These sensors were chosen as a preliminary solution to further investigate key areas with high-resolution data capture over areas already previously highlighted by regional level scans. In this talk, we will discuss the benefits of this solution and the performance gain over other traditional helicopter and airplane methods.

This system lays the foundation for future development. This solution will be upscaled in the

2023 season to support a heavier radiometric sensor with a larger crystal and dual magnetometers for horizontal magnetic gradiometric data surveying over wider areas.

Larger drone surveys will be made possible with 50-meter line spacing and greater speeds

of 30 km/h to complete larger surveys at a rate of 250-line kilometers per day.

Watch our presentation on SEG 's summit and afterwards

SEG's Summit on Drone Geophysics is a great opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in a rapidly growing field, so make sure to attend and, of course, watch ROSOR's presentation Register Now. After watching our presentation and if you need help in your project needs of drone geophysical surveys, do not hesitate to book your consultation at our website immediately.


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