We are a Ryerson University-affiliated startup, in partnership with the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) and Terraquest.
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EfFICIENCYAutonomous capabilities and navigation system to optimize travel routes
ACCURACYFixed wing eVTOL system ensures smooth landing and takeoff
SafetyRemotely operated to limit contact and reduce operational accidents
Rosor's Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) improve operational performance in data acquisition and provide organizations with high quality data.
Our focus is to create systems that build on autonomous capabilities to improve organizational performance. We do this by reducing high capital expenditures and closing operational efficiency gaps through our UAS.

Our Unmanned Aerial Systems provide:
• Full service, high quality data acquisition
• Can be combined with the following sensors:
     • LiDar
     • RGB Cameras
     • Magnetometers
     • Infrared
• Remote navigation for operational safety
• Better maneuverability in remote areas and smaller plots of land

Getting Started

Phase 1:

Consultation & Planning

Our team will take you and your company through 1-on-1 sessions to discuss your concerns, needs, and how we can help move your business forward.

We help you finalize your plan of action including a cost analysis of the project’s implementation, expected timelines, and other terms.

You will be in contact with a direct representative to answer all of your questions before anything is finalized so that you can optimize all your needs efficiently and accurately.
Phase 2:


The action plan will be tested and run on company grounds before moving forward with a full launch to ensure all functions run smoothly.

All necessary adjustments will be made including any changes required by your company.

You will have our team to aid you throughout the use of our UAS technology to make changes, give feedback, and more.

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Connect with us to find out how you can optimize your business with our technology.

Email: info@rosor.ca

110 Bond Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1X8

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